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2022-07-02 03:40:06 By : Mr. Ruochuan Zhang

To celebrate Episode 5 of Valorant kicking off in under 24 hours, Valorant have revealed that their Comic Crossover event will begin at 2PM PT on June 22. The event is not only to celebrate the launch of the new underwater map, PEARL, but to also recognise the expansion of Valorant's storytelling.

The Comic Crossover event will feature a free and exclusive event pass that has seven levels for players to attain. The event will last for three weeks from its launch on June 22, so you've plenty of time to unlock the freebies on offer.

That being said, this exclusive pass contains two titles, three player cards, and two sets of Radianite Points that you can earn by playing games. If I also say so myself, these player cards have to be some of the best yet(see below), and I think a lot of players are going to be fans.

Valorant have been striving to embed even more lore into the game, and so far, they've done a decent job of making lore subtle yet interesting. It appears that following Episode 5, we can only expect more and more storytelling to be brought into the tactical FPS title.

In the latest Valorant cinematic, Shattered, we see a group of our favourite agents end up in a comic book shop where they're the main characters. This particular shop can also be seen on the new map, PEARL. To bring together the varying worlds of Valorant and its mirrorverse, the team at Riot have been hard at work to put together the Comic Crossover pass.

Titles in the pass include 'Dimensional' and 'Double Agent', while player cards feature Omen, Killjoy and Raze, and Legion (Brimstone, Viper, Omen, Killjoy, and Cypher).

Are you looking forward to the new Episode, or more importantly, the new map? Check out our first impressions of PEARL, and why we think this may be a map for Sentinels.

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