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2021-11-25 07:27:59 By : Ms. Amy Pan

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In this article: Wizards of the Coast are increasingly trying to use the cards they contain in the Secret Lair drops. The recently announced collaboration with the artist group MSCHF includes a card with a peelable sticker on the front, apparently turning the card from a basic plain into a battlefield melting pot.

Secret Lair is a product line that Wizards of the Coast launched in 2019 a few years ago. It aims to be a high-quality, limited-edition collector's product with special artwork, card frame handling and other functions. Just last week, players began reporting that their Secret Lair drops contained a secret, unannounced Visceral Prophet, mirrored art and text, and a serial number on the card:

Now, the Secret Lair legend has become even more unfamiliar, because the upcoming collaboration with the American artist group MSCHF obviously includes a card that we have seen before in Magic. Earlier this month, some pictures appeared on Twitter showing the dropped cards, and I must say that they looked beautiful:

So I got sick. Thank you @wizards_magic and @mschf.

However, just yesterday, a video appeared on Reddit with the title "Secret Lair x MSCHF secret card is an extra secret..." In the post, a card that was not included in the original trailer was shown. This is a Oops. On the surface, it seems to be a basic plain card, depicting a golf course with rather unremarkable art. However, the top layer of the card peeled off, revealing a battlefield furnace with the words "Golf is bad now and has been bad" engraved on it.

Regardless of how people feel about golf, and this rather strange and literal "baking" of the sport, it is hard to deny that this peel-off card is very interesting. Since the infamous Chaos Orb (it is said that it was once torn to pieces in the tournament and scattered on the playing field) and some Un-set cards are at the cost of the concept.

It’s also puzzling that, unlike things like Sea Gate Restoration and Branchloft Pathway, the two “modes” of this new card (tareless and non-tare) represent two Zhang already exists in their own abilities. It is completely unclear whether this peeled card is legal in the tournament. If it is, then this card will be considered to represent which of the two "halves". It can be safely assumed that if the game is legal, it is not allowed to strip cards or change its mode, but anything other than that is purely speculation.

It is clear from all this that Wizards is willing to try some very weird design concepts in Secret Lair products. Maybe they are testing the water for more such products in the future, or this is just an artistic experiment for the sake of art. It's hard to imagine that a peel-off card like this is practical for any type of serious game, especially because it doesn't seem to offer any obvious advantages over the similarly functional MDFC.

However, it is not surprising to think that the Wizards might try something similar to the idea of ​​a peeling card like Silver Edge Un-set. The goal is to create interesting and confusing mechanisms, not Magic, which focuses on frowning competition.

What do you think of the weird things happening in the world of Secret Lair now? Secret Lair has always been a controversial topic in the Magic circle, and things like stripped cards and serialized cards will definitely cause more controversy. Do you welcome innovations in this type of product, or does Wizards take Secret Lairs too much? Let us know in the comments!

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