Clash Royale: Top 3 Mirror Decks with Tips

2022-07-23 04:57:39 By : Mr. Zhike Wang

The mirror is one of those cards in Clash Royale that can be the winning factor in a deck. It has been seldom used for many seasons, due to the fact that players prefer going with the meta cards and grinding up the ladder. However, with the Mirror Challenge event which started in the game at the time of writing this article, players have a great opportunity to learn to use a variety of Mirror decks. 

The Mirror card is often used in decks that are fast-paced. Hence, players can make use of some of the cycle decks which we have recommended below. If not, they can either create a deck of their own, or even pick any deck from the Mirror Challenge event based on their preferred playstyle, and practice with the deck. 

A super-fast cycle deck with Mortar as its primary attacking card, this deck can outplay many players if played rightly. Being a cycle deck, players should repeatedly make use of the cards like Archers, Fire Spirit, Princess, Knight, and Mirror (if required). Mortars should be placed with the ability to keep rotating around the cards in the deck, to protect the building. While defending, the mortar should be placed in the middle to distract the troops from it and use the extra time to bring in multiple defence troops.

Another cycle deck, this time with the Minor duo. Although the deck lacks in terms of air defence, it is wild when it comes to the deck’s aggressive strength. Mighty Miner, the latest card added to Clash Royale, works similar to an Inferno Dragon as it takes increased damage over time. While the Mighty Miner can take down any ground troop with ease, such is the case with the Hunter against air troops.

Talking about the offensive department of the deck, we have the Wall Breakers + Miner combo that can deal severe damage to the towers if gone unnoticed. Mighty Miner is another card that can drill down the tower in a few seconds, but he can be countered quite easily. The Mirror can be used to bring in multiple troops of the same kind, such as an extra Hunter to clear off the air troops.

One of the fewer heavy decks where the Mirror card can be used, this deck can potentially go for the 3 crown victories more often than the above two decks. For the attacking strategy, The Giant Skeleton can be placed followed by the Sparky at the back, resulting in havoc. The Mirror card could contribute largely though; by dropping two Giant Skeletons, Sparkies, or Goblin Barrels, one can safely say that he has taken a tower down without any difficulty. It can be used to gain extra chip damages or help with a massive push.

In terms of the deck’s defence, the deck consists of a strong wall of defensive cards that can counter several ground attack strategies, but only contains a hunter to take down the air troops. With the help of the Mirror card, players can make use of two hunters to destroy any incoming air or ground targets, and continue to form a counterattack, which is perhaps one of the most expensive attacks.

The Mirror is an inconsistent card and players cannot blame anyone but themselves for the same. The Mirror only spawns another card that was previously used before it, hence the responsibility of turning it to one’s favour lies on the player. Since there are many players who play the Mirror with inexperience, it is quite difficult to master the card. However, players are highly recommended to participate in the Mirror Challenge event in order to improve their game sense and perfect the use of the Mirror.

What are your thoughts about our guide on the Best decks for the Mirror Challenge event in Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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